Including video in early-stage screening is a no brainer, nut no one has time to churn through hours of video. Our solution: short, sharp videos answering customsiable questions that give you just what you need.

One of the most common features we get requests for is video. Video integration, video interviewing, video screening - basically anything that includes a candidate looking deep into their camera and spilling their truth.We get it, there's nothing quite like looking someone in the eye. So we're super excited to share our latest feature. A video solution we're sure you're all going to love. Hold on to your socks, things are about to get very, very cool.

Video screening that's dead simple - for you and your candidate

Considering video in early stage screening is a no brainer - especially for customer-facing roles where someone's ability to convey warmth and connect right from the word go is paramount. But no one has time to churn through hours of video.Our solution is short, sharp and gives you just what you need – 15-30 seconds, answering one question you can customise yourself. Best of all, it's seamless for the candidate, so you're not adding lots of time and clicks at their end and your beautiful candidate experience is being enhanced, not destroyed.

Candidate application selfie video
This could be your candidate. Look at how happy she is about your new, frictionless video application!

How does it work?

For your candidate, the process couldn't be simpler.At the end of your super-awesome, custom Weirdly quiz – at the same place they normally drop in their details and upload their resume and/or picture (if you require it), they'll see a button to upload a video.

Worried your candidates won't know what they're clicking on? Don't be. Hovering on the button or clicking the question mark next to it reveals a helpful blurb to manage expectations.

Clicking the button will reveal your custom question. This could be anything you like, from "You've got 30seconds to tell us about your first pet" to "In 15seconds or fewer, explain the theory of relativity" - if you're stuck for ideas, we've complied a few of our favourites here. The clincher is it's got to be fast. 15-45seconds fast. The idea is you're getting a chance to see another side of your candidate, and they're getting a chance to showcase a bit more of what makes them special. So while these videos might give you a really awesome jumping off point in an interview with this candidate down the line ("Hey Charlie, your proudest achievement was battling a dragon? Tell me more!"), they don't replace the deep, probing questions you'd ask further through the process.

And if they realise they've made a huge mistake - their sound was turned off or they shot the whole thing with the camera pointed at the ceiling - they can re-record at the click of a button.

For the recruiter, it's just as seamless.When you're reviewing a candidate's quiz report, the video they've recorded will be there ready to click and watch right under their profile info.

If you're using Weirdly integrated into your ATS (so you don't actually ever log into Weirdly itself), your candidate's video can be passed through to your ATS too. This differs slightly for each ATS so get in touch with your Weirdly customer manager if you'd like to see how this works in your specific ATS.If you're keen on adding short, simple video early on in your process while keeping that candidate experience smoooooth, get in touch. We'll run you through a demo and talk specifics around your own process and pricing.