Got a bunch of different job types or departments you need to recruit for? Easy.

For a long time, your Weirdly high-volume ATS has been able to do clever things that help you screen faster and move from reactive recruiting to proactive talent pooling.

For example, serving up different follow-up questions or quizzes according to info a candidate shares in their talent profile. That’s useful if say, candidates pass a first assessment about values alignment with a particularly high score so you want to automatically invite them to do a second assessment testing their work readiness.

If you wanted to recruit for a few different roles at once, though, each had to follow the exact same workflow. Great if you're recruiting for a few kinds of frontline staff at once, but not so much if you wanted to use the same Weirdly portal to run entirely different workflows. That's all changed now.

Design a separate recruitment workflow for each role type

Our latest feature release means you can design as many workflows as you have role types all from the same portal – set up a unique recruitment process for each role, complete with assessments, updates, nudges and other communications and interview processes.

Here's how that might work.

Say you're recruiting for front-line retail workers, but ALSO, need to bring people through your grad programme. For each of those roles, you need to know different things from the candidates and they need to hear from you about different things.

Step 1: Candidates pick-a-path

All candidates can come through the same portal. After they've created their talent profiles, they're asked if they're interested in applying for a shop-floor role or for your grad programme. That sends them down the right path.

Step 2: Candidates follow the workflow set up for their role

For the grad programme, you'll need to know what they're studying so a "qualifications" tab will automatically appear on their profile - with questions about their study path and graduation date. Then you might need to go through a two-stage assessment process, where they're only invited to complete the second assessment if they pass the first one above a certain score threshold.

To encourage them along this journey, they'll be sent a grad-specific comms and nurture campaign. These messages are designed to keep them engaged in the programme application and let them know what to expect as they progress through each stage.

For those shop-floor folks, the process looks entirely different – you probably care less about uni qualifications and more about things like availability and location so you can fast track them into roles. Too easy. This group never gets asked to complete the qualification questions. Instead, they're shown a different tab with deeper questions about availability - days, shifts, locations. Add in a quick assessment - tailored to front-line roles, then invite the successful ones to select an interview time with the appropriate store manager.

Of course, this workflow includes all the same automated comms you need to keep things running smoothly - only this time they're tailored to their workflow and job titles.

Step 3: Recruiters manage everything from a single portal

Recruiters can oversee all the workflows from the same easy-to-manage CRM - with permissions designed to make sure noone's overwhelmed by data they don't need and privacy is protected. Hiring or store managers even have their own view with our companion Weirdly Manager App. They can manage interviews and feedback for just the candidates related to their roles or department.

You'll get to process candidates through a process configured for you, slice and dice data, tweak processes and see the full recruitment picture at once. It’s infinity-in-one recruitment, Weirdly style.

To learn more about how you could use the new multi-stage workflow, book a demo.