Let’s take a minute to picture your store managers’ day:

In between managing staff, fronting up to customers and checking on stock levels, they’ve realised Suzie's leaving next week and they need someone to replace her.

They nip back to the office and flick off an email to the talent team with a job requisition. They emerge from the office straight back into more day-to-day store business. It’s the third job requisition sent this month and managers can’t really remember what they’ve asked for or where those vacancies are at. Has the recruiter already posted the job ad or does it need chasing? Better send another email to HQ to check. What interviews are booked already? Better search the inbox - the application details are in there somewhere. There's an interviewee coming in today - what job are they interviewing for again? Another email to the talent team to find out.

All this emailing back and forth is frustrating, inefficient and wastes valuable time that could be spent on the shop floor.

And it's no picnic for you recruiters back in head office either. As every high-volume recruiter knows, when you’re dealing with hundreds of stores and job postings, even one email per store is too many emails.

If only there was a way we could save time and hassle for everyone by letting them make and view job requisitions in one easy place!

Now, there is.

Infomercials aside, we've added a new Job Requisitions feature into our Manager App and it's an addition we're super-proud of – one that will delete a lot of admin (and emails) from everyone’s day.

Store managers can now lodge job requisitions within the app – all from a mobile or tablet. No scurrying back to the office to send long email chains or fill in huge forms for the talent team to decipher.

The recruitment team at HQ is notified of the new requisitions within their Weirdly CRM dashboard, where they can also review and approve them.

Meanwhile, managers stay updated. They can see when their requisitions are "under review", what roles are currently open for their store, how many people they need under each job posting and their progress on that. For example, one job posting might be looking for three delivery drivers. If managers have hired one person, they’ll see this tally. If they ever need to review the hires they've made, it’s easy to do that in the app too – just view closed roles to see what job postings they had live, and the hires they made under each.

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