Sometimes the simplest changes can make seismic shifts in the way you and your Store Managers work together. And this unassuming little feature is the one tweak high volume recruiters have been waiting for.

When you're recruiting at volume, faster, easier communication is the goal, and that all starts with the manager’s app in Weirdly's high-volume ATS. This puts the power into the hands of your store managers so they see who’s coming in for interviews and for which roles, right there on their own mobile device.

After the interview, managers can click one of three buttons – remove, keep for another role, or progress. Pretty self-explanatory and so far, so good. But the next layer of magic will change your high-volume-recruiting-life: That feedback can now automatically trigger the creation of your offer paperwork and kick-start the hiring admin process. You heard right, AUTOMATICALLY.

Feedback eliminates a massive chunk of admin

Here's how it works.
- If you get a new job requisition for night-shift shelf stackers, or under-18 delivery staff you create the paperwork related to that role like usual.
- When store managers decide on a candidate, they just choose the appropriate role from the drop-down menu. That feedback is instantly sent to the HQ recruiter's Weirdly admin dashboard and the candidate progressed to the next step in the process for the selected role.

Image of Weirdly Manager App screen showing a selected candidate with post-interview feedback options to decline, progress or hold. Progress option has been selected and two roles are displayed for the store manager to choose from.

The final link in an end-to-end, automated hiring process

If you have your system all linked up to bulk-send digital contracts and automate working rights with vSure, it’s even better news. Having Store Manager feedback automatically trigger the creation of the correct contract and working rights paperwork means you're now completely hands-free from the interview step onward.

That's huge news so we'll say it again: With this new feature, everything from shortlisting to hired can now be totally automated.

Weirdly is already instantly pulling you a pre-qualified longlist from your talent pool as soon as you enter the Job Req criteria. You can complete a quick screening by dragging and dropping the top candidates into your "invite to interview bucket" and from that point, the automations can take over.

Candidates will book their interview, reminders will be sent, feedback collected via the Store Manager app, correct candidate paperwork sent and successful candidates hired all without anymore manual work on your part.

Even unsuccessful candidates leave with a great experience, store managers get the right people through the door, the company’s legal bases are covered and recruiting teams can focus on something other than admin.

See? One tiny function, some pretty massive outcomes.

To get a looksie at it yourself, book a demo.