Let’s face it. Your store managers have teams to support and customers to serve, and your recruitment team should be thinking about big-picture stuff. Neither should be wasting time managing candidate interviews, juggling reschedules and making sure the notes are ready to go on the day.

It’s why Weirdly’s hands-free interview scheduling feature is one of our most popular. Built on an integration with Calendly, it puts the power back in candidates’ hands while relieving store managers and your recruiting team of a massive chunk of admin burden. 

How it works

Automatically invite longlist candidates to interview 

Candidates complete Weirdly assessments, automatically creating a longlist according to your criteria. For Target, candidates were filtered according to location, availability and fit with the company values. 

You can then set up your platform to automatically email everyone on your longlist, inviting them to book an interview. You can also choose to create your lists by hand – drag and drop candidates to progress them to the interview stage. 

Candidates book an interview time that suits them

The interview booking process is simple for candidates. They enter some details, and then choose from the times available in the store manager’s diary. If something comes up and they need to rebook, that’s easy, too – they can do it all in the system without having to get in touch with the store manager. 

Target’s then Head of Talent Acquisition Meisje Powley said, “This piece of getting candidates to interview is so slick and quick.”

Nudge candidates to make sure they turn up 

Getting candidates to the interview is the next hurdle, and we know that reminders help people show up. The good news is that built into our interview module is the opportunity to craft custom nudges and reminders. 

Store managers can see upcoming interviews 

At the other end is our new store manager’s app that gives managers easy access to their calendar of interviews from their mobile devices. They can see who they’re meeting, when and for what position. They can also pull up as much of the candidate’s profile as you’ve made available to them. No trekking back to the office to rifle through papers. If a candidate reschedules, the store manager doesn’t need to do a thing – the calendar entries will simply change. 

Would self-service candidate interviewing be as good for your brand as for Target’s? 

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