Peak season looks less like a season, and more like a way of life at the moment. If you've been head-down-bum-up hiring more frontline staff to support the holiday surge in sales, here's some excellent news: You can skip the advertising – and go straight to a longlist.

Say hello to candidate mapping

99% of candidates who apply for a role won’t get it. And you can be sure that a large percentage of those unsuccessful candidates will have made excellent employees - in a different role, or location or maybe just a week from now when you have another opening.

Weirdly has one million of those candidates in our database and we’re adding to that pool at the rate of 50K a month! That’s a lot of people already vetted and looking for roles like yours.

This is where our candidate mapping feature comes in handy. Tell us which stores need more frontline workers and what you need from your candidates (like hours available and other personal attributes). We’ll map those criteria to applicants on our database.

So instead of advertising on Seek, you can just reach into our candidate pool and fish out a few to interview. Similarly, if you’re planning a new store opening, you can talent map ahead of time, so you know you’ll have the staff you need on hand.

See how many candidates in total (or just the ones who fit your criteria) are within 5km of your store

Plus, don’t forget about these features during the peak:

Calendly integration for speedy interviews

This smooth and seamless feature makes booking interviews with busy store managers super easy. Candidates can book their own interviews, saving the admin hassle of arranging this for them.

Take it from Meisje Powley, Head of Talent and Acquisition for Kmart and Target: “This part of getting candidates to interview is so slick and quick.”
A friendly nudge: improve completions and times to hire

Our SMS feature and other automated nudges help move candidates along the recruitment funnel faster. It’s also useful when you need to update a candidate fast.

It’s a simple feature that’s getting big results: we've seen a 20% increase in application completion rates across our clients.

Bulk-send contracts and vSure integration to reduce admin

During peak, you need to get people in jobs. There can be lots of paperwork involved, contracts that need printing, signing, and scanning, and that all takes time that your store managers just don’t have. With our contracts integration you can send bulk contracts with a few clicks – and get them signed them digitally. Our vSure integration also takes the manual work out of working rights.

That’s a tick for a better candidate experience and a tick for saving store managers’ time.

Double the benefit for store managers

Then there are a couple of features that make your store managers’ lives easy. Weirdly lets you choose the information store managers need to see when reviewing candidate profiles. You can also trigger short and sharp daily emails with everything your store managers need to know about who they’re interviewing that day.

They’ll have what they need to get prepped and can quickly access candidate profiles in Weirdly – all from the one email digest.

Get ready for the silly season

Yep, it’s almost that time of year again, but Weirdly’s got you covered with a range of different features to help get as many best-fit candidates in jobs fast.

Need help turning on some of these features? Get in touch with your customer manager, and they’ll sort it for you.

To see how you can use our weird and wonderful features to enhance your recruitment process, book a demo now.