New feature: self-service portal gives you admin control

August 27, 2021
Managing your Weirdly account just got a whole lot easier. Need to add a location, update details or manager users? You can do that and more all from the Admin Console. Nice. Find out more here.
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Organisational culture – who should build it? (Spoiler: everybody)

August 20, 2021
Organisational culture used to be all about free snacks in the break room. The modern business environment demands a different approach – where everyone takes a piece of the pie. Find out more.
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Recruitment strategies for attracting exceptional young talent

August 16, 2021
Zoomers. Gen Z. They’re the workforce of the future. They’re enthusiastic, entrepreneurial and self-aware – and traditional recruitment methods don’t cut the mustard. Find out more.
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Diversity hiring guide – tap into new skills, ways of thinking and potential

August 11, 2021
Improving the diversity of your candidate pool is a win-win. But many companies still fall short of the diversity mark. Here’s how to avoid common pitfalls. Find out more.
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Does your ATS need a high-volume friend?

July 30, 2021
In high-volume recruitment, an ATS will only get you so far. Integrating high-volume software into your tech stack will plug the gaps, especially when you just need bodies in stores fast.
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Are your open and click-through rates healthy? Recruitment email benchmarks

July 26, 2021
Benchmarks for open and click-through email rates let recruiters assess their metrics, find ways to improve their comms and overall, hire more effectively. Find out more here.
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New Features: two ways we’re making your store managers lives easier

July 15, 2021
Two ways you can make life easier for your store managers: get control over what you want them to see and trigger daily digest emails. Find out how here.
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7 top strategies for high volume recruitment in 2021

July 7, 2021
With these top high-volume recruitment strategies, you’ll get the best candidates in the right positions when you need them – every single time. Find out how here.
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The ultimate guide to pre-employment assessment software

July 2, 2021
Everything you need to know about pre-employment assessments - how they add value to the recruitment process and how to choose the best pre-employment assessment software for your organisation.
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New Feature: Live analytics dashboard

June 25, 2021
Your recruitment data has always been there in Weirdly, but now our incredible analytics team has sorted you out a way to slice and dice it in real-time. Introducing live analytics dashboards, where you can see a snapshot of data aggregated from your entire talent pool, live or at any point in time.
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New Feature: Serve up multiple assessments, automatically

June 15, 2021
Automatically serve up multiple assessments to candidates triggered by different responses – a super-effective way to make shorter work of shortlisting. Find out how here.
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New Feature: Nudge or update candidates by flicking them a text

May 25, 2021
Send automated or one-off candidate communications via text – a simple (and super effective) way to nudge action or keep them updated. Read all about it here.
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Making your recruitment more inclusive – 10 things we've learned

May 17, 2021
Even beyond the back-pat glow of doing the right thing, inclusive workplaces have 19% higher revenue, and are 70% more likely to capture a new market. But wanting diversity and getting it are two separate issues – here are some of the things we’ve learned that could help.
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New Feature: multimedia questions

May 17, 2021
As useful as video is for recruiters, it can be challenging for some candidates. Our multimedia question resolves that issue by offering a more inclusive option: Letting candidates choose how they answer, with either a video, audio, an image or in a typed response. 
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New feature: bulk-send contracts in one click

May 6, 2021
If you use DocuSign, PandaDoc or soon, Adobe Sign to manage contracts with your candidates, our new integration will let you send bulk contracts and get signed docs back in hours, not days. Make the candidate experience better, keep your store managers sweet and save yourself a massive amount of fiddling around. 
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Weird science: explaining the smarts behind our tech

May 5, 2021
We're all about making the slow, complicated part of high-volume recruitment super-speedy based on real, reliable data. Customised assessments and instant longlists of pre-qualified candidates are a big part of how we deliver that. The quality of those longlists are crucial, so it’s unsurprising we’ve spent a lot (read: most) of our time and energy getting those right. So, how do we do it?
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Ethical branding: How we're cleaning up our swag

March 25, 2021
We're taking a break from Recruitment, to share a bit about our own journey as a business, making more ethical, conscious choices. This time, we're talking about branded swag, and how we're committed to doing it differently.
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HR tech security: what you should be asking

March 16, 2021
It’s hard to overstate how important a great HR Tech stack is to your recruitment process. But added technology of course means more opportunity for security breaches, and the millions of dollars in lost productivity, time-consuming fixes or big fines from the likes of the GDPR. So before you hand any new potential HR tech providers over to your CIO, here’s what to ask.
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Bringing your employer brand to life: Tone of voice

February 17, 2021
As the smart, savvy recruitment professional that you are, you probably know how your employer brand should look in images and social media posts. But have you considered how it should talk? That’s a big part of the puzzle and a massive opportunity to strengthen your employer brand and bring in more of those juicy benefits. 
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Weirdly brand refresh: A fresh face for the new year

January 26, 2021
Our team have been working at designing a fresh, new look for our brand. Take a gander at the new face of Weirdly.
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Writing for recruiters 101: 5 totally easy tips to get you writing like a pro

January 15, 2021
You’re in this game because you love people, not staring at a Word doc agonising over a headline. But bear with us. When you’re talking about things like social media job ads or follow-up emails, writing is how you create or strengthen relationships. Here are five surprisingly simple techniques you can use right now to make your writing sing like a pro.
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Talent communities for high volume recruitment - how to build one

December 15, 2020
We’re big, big fans of talent communities – we’ve been banging on about them since 2015 and they’re still so great. Here’s why you need one and how to build it.
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Farewell to the godfather of values-led business

November 30, 2020
The entrepreneur, who founded retail giant Zappos, approached business differently – he knew that how people connect to and feel about a company’s culture and values was, perhaps, the most important metric of all. 
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Swamped in CVs? Serve soft skills assessments first

October 20, 2020
More people are looking for work, and that means volume management has become the issue of the day for recruiters. We’re talking piles – literal stacks – of printed resumés sitting in front of you for just one job. “The temptation, naturally, is to speed through that first cull. And you’re not the only one: the average hiring manager gives each CV no more than a measly six to ten seconds.” – Financial Review That speed? It’s a problem.
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How we're onboarding remote employees in 2020

September 28, 2020
We know good onboarding is a critical part of setting new hires up for success. But when it has to be totally virtual, how does that even work? We started back at the beginning, asking ourselves “What is an excellent onboarding experience?” Once we had our list, we set about finding clever ways to replicate that from afar. Here’s what worked.
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