Weirdly + Bumble: A custom theme to get the beehive buzzing

October 18, 2018

What are organisational values, really? Examples from companies who walk their talk

October 12, 2018

Growing International with over 50% women: Some new weirdos have joined the crew

September 19, 2018

5 prime ministers in 5 years. Bad culture will eat you from the inside.

August 28, 2018

Integrations are the future: Here are the three ways Weirdly can integrate with your ATS

August 15, 2018

5 simple security questions you should be asking any potential HR Tech provider

August 13, 2018

Weirdly opens an Australian office: In related news, we're all practicing calling Jandals, "Thongs"

June 14, 2018

New Snaphire and Weirdly integration: Assess values alignment in the Talent App Store

March 27, 2018
Finally! The much anticipated Weirdly + Snaphire integration has been released and is already making recruiting teams from some of Australasia's biggest organisations very, very happy.

Day 2 of #HRTechWorld and Wrap-Up

October 27, 2017
We wrap up Day 2 of #HRTechWorld and look forward to the next event. Read about the highlights of the day.

Day one of #HRTechWorld in Amsterdam!

October 25, 2017
Dale and Simon wrap up Day 1 of HRTechWorld in Amsterdam. Future of Work, Ariana Huffington and much much more

#FutureOfWork and #HRTechWorld Amsterdam

October 24, 2017
We're gonna be at HRTechWorld, follow us on all the things to keep up with the excitement

Family Feud - The Recruitment Edition

July 21, 2017
Dale & Simon hosted the #SydRecMeetup and it was in the style of Family Feud

Weirdly Version Three is almost here

July 18, 2017
After many months working hard behind the scenes, the team at Weirdly are almost ready to unveil the latest shiny version. Get a sneak peek today.

#shedoesnotspeakforus - racism & recruitment

July 12, 2017
Last month we were all shocked by a horribly racist recruiter who was caught in the act. The RCSA have a free webinar to move us forward as an industry.

A Brick in the Wall - Education and a Diverse Workforce

June 8, 2017
Do good grades at school mean that they will be great employees? Or is it about the school they went to? Find out what it could mean for you as an employer.

What does your company smell like? And what does that mean for your organisational culture?

May 26, 2017
Building an organisational culture that encourages growth and allows diversity can be like changing the smell of your company.

Where do you keep your tomato sauce (ketchup)?

May 17, 2017
Where do you keep your tomato sauce (or ketchup), and why does it matter? And what does it have to do with diversity?

The benefit of the doubt - be kinder to your candidates

April 21, 2017
Giving a candidate the benefit of the doubt can allow that person to fulfil your vision of the culture you want to create. Also it's the kind thing to do.

#aucklandrec - the diversity edition

April 12, 2017
Weirdly went along to #aucklandrec and it was a blast! Three amazing speakers talk about diversity in three different ways

Robots vs Humans: are algorithms going to replace you?

April 6, 2017
What will algorithms mean for your business? And more importantly, what will it mean for your talent acquisition?

#HRTechConf: Your live feed of insights, tweets and gifs

October 4, 2016
HRTechConf is being held in Chicago this year. If you're feeling the FOMO, we've got a live feed of the best insights, news and trends.

We're recruiting for culture all wrong: A lesson from your kid's school shoes

August 11, 2016
We know assessing a candidate's culture fit is important. The vital question isn't being address though: Fit with what, exactly?

Psychometric tests vs culture screening: It's not as simple as you think

July 26, 2016
Should screening for culture replace psychometric tests? Whether you're looking for culture fit, or culture add, knowing when to use screening vs true psychometric tests can be tricky.

Inclusion creates diversity: How an inclusive workplace can change your community

July 5, 2016
Inclusion is a hot HR trend for 2016. Making people feel safe, respected and valued is important part of a healthy culture. Māori Language Week is a great opportunity for Kiwi workplaces to put some of those inclusive policies into practice.

Remote workspaces: The new Weirdly #noffice

June 24, 2016
One of the coolest things about remote working is setting up your own remote workspaces. Get inspired by the spots our remote Weirdly team have set up.