Social distance is bringing everyone a bit closer

March 24, 2020
NZ is following places like China and Italy into full lockdown mode. New South Wales, Victoria and (hopefully) the rest of Australia are close behind. Ignoring the toilet paper feuds for a second, it’s awesome to see that in the face of all that uncertainty, there’s an overwhelming trend toward compassion.
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Uber + Weirdly: Graduate campaign results with mad softskills

December 11, 2019
Getting great customer feedback is an awesome boost at this time of year. So you can imagine when Katie Noakes (Recruiting Manager, ANZ&Singapore at Uber) said she was keen to share some about her Weirdly experience, we were pretty chuffed.
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6 things candidates hate about your recruitment process

August 8, 2019
Read our curated a list of the top candidate experience pain-points, as voiced by actual candidates.
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Weirdly and Greenhouse: Together at last

July 2, 2019
With Weirdly’s integration, pre-screening for soft-skills has never been easier for Greenhouse users.
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Show Us Your Stack: The most popular HRTech tools of 2019

June 27, 2019
We’ve broken them down under the categories in a typical stack to make it super easy to follow. 
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Better candidate experience: Ideas from the customer experience dept

May 31, 2019
When’s the last time you talked to one of your customer experience people with a view to applying their tactics to YOUR department?
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Refresh your tired HR Strategy with these 6 ideas

May 21, 2019
Whether you’re deep in the EOFY craziness, or just hitting your own team’s strategic review period, we’ve compiled a bunch of considerations that might get the creative juices flowing for next your phase of planning.
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A global workout: Multi-language screening with Les Mills

May 9, 2019
A while back we talked about our new Weirdly language translation offering. Well, this week we've launched our first use-case with Les Mills International.
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Carrots beat a stick: The best employee benefits from companies around the world

May 2, 2019
We've collated some of the coolest benefits organisations are offering their employees from around the world.
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#UberXWeirdly: Partners in experience

April 4, 2019
Uber's ride-share app famously offers the best user experience in the market. As of this week, Weirdly's helping them deliver that same quality of experience to their job applicants.
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It's our birthday but it's your friends who need celebrating

March 26, 2019
They say it takes 10 years to be an overnight success. Well, this April Weirdly will be half way to ten and just quietly, I think we might be a bit ahead on that timeline.
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LinkedIn Trend Report: Building more equality in the candidate-employer relationship

February 21, 2019
A more equal employer-employee relationship is good for business. And if this applies to employees, it has to be true for the candidates as well, right?
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Read this quick! Weirdly timed screening questions are here

February 21, 2019
This announcement is going to be straight to the point - the clock is ticking and there's no time to waste! At least, that's what your candidates will be saying when they see our new timed questions feature.
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Make your recruitment MORE inclusive with...screening assessments?

February 14, 2019
Screening assessments that reduce volume and make awesome candidate experiences don’t have to come at the cost of your diversity strategy.
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5 lessons you can learn from the world's best marketers about building employer brand

January 23, 2019
Candidates are customers too – here are five things you can learn from the marketers about great employer branding.
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Candidates are customers too. About time we treated them that way, no?

January 16, 2019
Candidates are customers too – here’s why we should start treating them like that in our recruitment processes.
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Weirdly language translation: A properly global candidate experience

December 18, 2018
Create a truly global candidate experience with Weirdly's new translation feature.
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Remote working: Managing the communication chaos

November 20, 2018
Here’s how Weirdly manages remote working communications based on years of testing – and our final guidelines.
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Using VideoIntros in your application process: Awesome question ideas

November 12, 2018
Thinking of using videos in your application process? Here are some awesome question ideas to get you started.
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